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Network Service

ITP Caribbean offers network service on Aruba

Many organizations depend highly on their ICT infrastructure (computers, printers, network apparatus and internet connections) for their day-to-day operations. ITP Caribbean offers a network service on Aruba that guarantees that your ICT infrastructure is working optimally. We have the specialized professionals as well as the methods and software tools to manage your network according to the latest and most modern standards.

Our network services include:

Full service ICT network service

Unlock the power of full-service ICT network solutions with ITP Caribbean by your side. We go above and beyond, becoming your dedicated ICT department, ready to handle any and all activities involving your ICT infrastructure. Within our team, you’ll find a squad of specialists, always available to assist you with any query that comes your way.

ICT infrastructure advice

Considering a new ICT infrastructure? Look no further. ITP Caribbean offers independent advice, free from any hardware sales agenda. We’ll guide you through the maze of options, helping you identify the most efficient equipment tailored to your specific needs. If you already have quotations from hardware and software vendors, we’re here to decipher the specifications and ensure you make the right choices.

Outsourcing ICT professionals

Need ICT professionals on-demand? We’ve got you covered. ITP Caribbean outsources skilled ICT professionals for short or long-term engagements. Whether you need a network specialist, a helpful helpdesk employee, or a temporary replacement for an absent team member, we’re here to fill the gap with our top-notch talent.

Cloud Services

Embrace the power of the cloud with ITP Caribbean’s array of cloud solutions and services. From complex cloud or hybrid setups in Microsoft Azure to off-site backups, cloud email security services, and virtualized workplaces, we’ve got the cloud covered.

Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Teams

As a Microsoft partner, we’ll seamlessly migrate your information and email flows to Microsoft Office 365, empowering your team with the collaborative potential of Microsoft Teams, wherever they may be.


Worried about online security and digital identity? Fear not, as ITP Caribbean partners with GlobalSign, the trusted leader in identity and security solutions. Rest assured that your online communications and verified digital identity are in safe hands, with support for the vast internet ecosystem, the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Let ITP Caribbean be your guiding light in the realm of ICT network services. With our expertise, dedication, and cutting-edge solutions, we’re here to transform your ICT experience, unlocking limitless possibilities for your business. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that ITP Caribbean has got your back!

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about ITP’s network services.