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ITP can develop software for you

ITP Caribbean has the experience and skilled software engineers to develop customized software fast and efficiently.

Being IT aware and investing in IT is necessary to stay competitive and will help any company become even more successful. Software that is especially designed and built to match your company’s needs is the most ideal solution. But of course, we will first consider alternative “off the shelve” solutions that could be more cost effective.

Software development is labor intensive and therefore ITP Caribbean uses sophisticated tools and standardized software building blocks to be able to develop software in a structured and less time-consuming manner. That is how we can build high quality software fast and efficiently.

Our approach

We see building software as one would build a house.

  • The procedure starts with a “blue print”: a concept of the design.
  • Once approved, we will go on to build the software. Brick by brick, bit by bit, we will build your customized software. Fast and efficient using building block’s and pre-defined standard components. Our software is reliable, stable and durable.
  • During all phases of the software development, you will be consulted to ensure that the software meets your needs and wishes. As we progress, you will already get acquainted with the software, through the use of mock-ups, prototypes etc.
  • Where practical we will implement in phases, so you can start working with the software before the whole house is completed.

Our process will give you the time and opportunity to optimize business policies and rules, so they are optimized to benefit from the new software the moment it is implemented.

Our clients and systems

Typical clients for customized software are banks, Insurance companies, large corporations, government entities, etc… We develop back-end systems and also customized web-portal, or mobile app access for your clients, so that they can access and manage their own information as well as using the services you provide. The clients’ access to their data and services is through a secured authentication process to prevent unauthorized access. The level of security is based on the requirements of the data owner and can be made as robust as you desire.

ITP Caribbean’s clear and cost-effective approach has proven successful and made customized software a feasible alternative for a group of clients in specialized sectors of our community.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.