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JOIN Case & Document is an Internet-based document and record management system. When documents, meetings and mobility are digitized, data is created that is accessible, searchable, shareable and editable anywhere, at any time.

Decos software will offer you an overall solution that will help your organization function smarter and more efficiently. It is user-friendly, flexible and can be connected to many other applications.

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Decos JOIN Information Portal (JIP)

JOIN Information Portal (or JIP for short) is an internet portal where your customers can securely get information about their submitted applications and download the relevant documents. The JOIN Information Portal is linked to your Decos JOIN Case System.
You decide which cases from your Decos JOIN Case System of your organization are visible on the JIP.
If a customer has submitted a case, for example via an E-form from Decos, then he/ she can follow the current status of the Case via the JIP. The documents that are linked to that case and that have been released by you can then also be downloaded by the customer. You no longer need to send the documents via e-mail, so that you can safely inform your customers via the JIP. You can make the JOIN Information Portal available as a link on your existing websites.

Benefits of the JIP

  • You can securely provide digital information to your customers;
  • Because the portal is personal, you also know that the information will reach the right person;
  • You do not need to maintain a physical counter for benefits in kind;
  • Your customers have direct access to the document the moment the document is ready;
  • Your customers don’t have to call to ask how the application is progressing, because they can see it on the JIP.

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