ICT Healthcare services

ICT Healthcare Services

ITP Caribbean offers ICT Healthcare Services, Solutions, Training, Consultancy and Support on Aruba.

Looking for the best automation solution for your healthcare company or institution? Our specialists are familiar with the newest technological possibilities and can help you find the most efficient methods and strategies. ITP Caribbean has the experience and skilled employees to implement and support our services and software fast and efficiently.


Our ICT Healthcare Services include:



Promedico-ASP is a medical patient registration system with a modern, clear and user-friendly design that you will learn to use in no time. The system is constructed in such a way that it seamlessly ties in with the way of work of a general practitioner, allowing him/her to focus on their patients. And because the patient data is safely stored on the Promedico central server, the users are able to reach your patient information anytime, anywhere.


The users are also able to communicate with the fellow health professionals as well as the patient because Promedico-ASP is easily connected to systems of other healthcare providers.


ITP Caribbean provides the service desk for all General Practitioners on Aruba.

Find out more (in Dutch) on www.promedico.nl or contact us for more information.

Do you want to expend your knowledge of Promedico-ASP? Please take a look at our catalog with workshops.



Patient data is always privacy sensitive. Zorgring ensures that all concerned information around the patient can be communicated in a safe, reliable environment.

Zorgring transports tens of thousands of Edifact and HL7 messages between healthcare providers and institutions in the Netherlands and Aruba. Sending an Edifact or HL7 message is treated as registered mail.


Active monitoring and reporting allow us to point out to our customers about changes in their daily number of messages, or problems in their connectivity.

Zorgring is the service desk for large mailers, such as hospitals, GP’s, and of course for all the recipients.


Find out more (in Dutch) on www.zorgring.nl or contact us for more information.

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