Update Qwanto 4 (version 4.1.05 per April 12, 2018)

Changes in this version (4.1.05 as of April 12, 2018) of Qwanto!.
1.  In the History Journals report the system would not correctly report the
    YTD information for employees that were NOT paid in the report period.
    The information in the report header could also be effected under these
    circumstances. This has been corrected.

Final Update Qwanto 3 (version 3.1.44)

Changes in this version (3.1.44 as of January 10, 2018) of Qwanto!.
1.  The application has been prepared to run without license requirements
    as of January 2018.
    Calculations for legal year 2018 and beyond will no longer be supported.
    All other functionality will still be available.
    Note: Changes that were made in the Qwanto 4 version after January 6, 2017
    are NOT incorporated in this latest Qwanto 3 version.

Qwanto Support

If you need support for Qwanto, you can contact our helpdesk by phone 582 4492 or email helpdesk@itpinternational.com.

Support rates* (As per January 1st 2020):

Support, minimum 0.5 hour (E-mail, Telephone, Teamviewer and Onsite**) 

Awg. 233.00 per hour

* Rates are subject to change
* We do not offer free e-mail support anymore
as per May 1st 2018
** The travel time to and from the customer will also be charged at the rate of Awg. 233.00 per hour.