ITP Caribbean offers network service on Aruba


Many organizations highly depend on their ICT infrastructure (computers, printers, network apparatus, internet connections) for their day-to-day operations.
ITP Caribbean offers a network service on Aruba that guarantees that your ICT infrastructure is working optimally. We have the specialized professionals as well as the methods and software tools to manage your network according to the latest and most modern standards.


Our network services include:

  • Full service ICT network service

ITP Caribbean will handle any and all activities involving your ICT infrastructure. We become, as it were, your ICT department. On our team you will always find a specialist who can help you with any query you might encounter.

  • ICT infrastructure advice

If you are considering purchasing a new ICT infrastructure, ITP Caribbean can offer you independent advice. (We do not supply hardware and therefore have no invested interest.)
We will let you know what equipment is most efficient for your particular needs. We can also help you interpret the specifications in quotations you may have already received from hardware and software vendors.

  • Outsourcing ICT professionals

ITP Caribbean outsources ICT professionals for short or long terms. Ideal if you are looking for a network specialist, helpdesk employee or a temporary replacement when one of your employees is ill or in training.


Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about ITP’s network services.


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