ITP can give full consultancy services


Looking for the best automation solution for your company? Our specialists are familiar with the newest technological possibilities and can help you find the most efficient methods and strategies.

Our ITP consultancy services include:

Quick Scans

Often, organizations are unaware of the IT investments they have made over the years. Our Quick Scans will guarantee that you get the reigns back. You’ll discover:

  • What hardware and software your company presently has and actually uses
  • Whether this software and hardware helps you to do our business adequately and competitively
  • Whether the hardware fulfills your expectations and needs sufficiently
  • Whether your employees have enough knowledge about automation
  • What maintenance costs are


Project Management

Managing automation projects is all about coordinating between employees, entire departments and even software dealers. It is an intricate job for specialists.
ITP Caribbean knows the people, the local culture and the IT business.


Selection and implementation of software

Software can be purchased directly from the dealer. But how can you be sure you’re purchasing the most reliable and cheapest software available? And is it precisely what your company needs?
Let ITP Caribbean consult you in this. We will also help you install the new software once it’s bought and train your employees to use the new software.


IT Management

IT is crucial in managerial decision-making. Therefore, ITP Caribbean offers a unique service: part-time IT management. We will translate managerial decisions into working IT solutions, where one expects automation to yield profit.


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