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ITP means Information Technology Partners. We provide IT solutions in consultation with our partners meaning our customer. We treat all of our clients as being our partner.
We started with three employees back in 1997 in a home office in Savaneta on the wonderfull island Aruba. Back then our main activities were IT consultancy and developing software solutions.

Now ITP Caribbean consists of 25 employees, we still provide the same service and have added Network administration Services to our services and we represent software solutions in the field of Document Management and Health Care.

We have moved 3 times of location, from Savaneta to Cadiwari in Ponton, to Marisol Building in Oranjestad and to our current location Rumbastraat in Oranjestad.





ITP Caribbean celebrates 25 years!

Review our 25th anniversary book https://midd.me/2jXc



The IT solutions that we have developed so far are an hour registration system, an airport billing system, a bank reporting system, legal case administration system and a pension system.

In 2003, ITP started in the healthcare sector with the development of Meditrack, a system for specialists. And in 2010 we became partner of Promedico Netherlands and we installed and implemented their General Practitioner Information System Promedico-ASP. In Aruba all GP practices uses Promedico-ASP.

Our clients requested us to also start helping them with the maintenance of their computer systems, therefor we start providing this service in 2007. This service has grown over the last years to be one of the most requested services of our company. Many companies outsource their computer maintenance to us.

Our consultancy department provide solutions for workflow and document management in small and large organizations. Using the software solutions provided by DECOS in the Netherlands we are able to convert organizations from a paper processing organization to a full paperless organization.

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Participate in a race against Global warming

From 2015 to 2019 we installed 144 solar panels at our office. Participate in the race against Global warming we feel that it is our duty to use energy saving solutions in our office. We have converted all our AZ units to inverters and lights into led-lights and solar tubes. Then with the 144 solar panels we hope to produce as much energy as possible.

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Bleep Bleep without the Bla Bla

Our slogan is Bleep Bleep without the Bla Bla. But what does this actually mean?

We as ITP do not sell products or services that we do not support or don't know.
When we indicate "We will do this", we will do it.
When we say "We can do it", we can do it.
And we will also tell you if we can't do it.
We deliver quality over quantity.

We don't sell Bla Bla.
Customers can rely on us and trust us.

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